The Oldham Business Awards 2015

Oldham Business Awards 2015
Oldham Business Awards 2015

An Inspirational Night at The Oldham Business Awards 2015.

This year I made the decision to book a table at the One Oldham Business Awards that took place in May this year. I’ve always wanted to attend this prestigious event so I could get all glammed up in my evening dress! On a serious note I would often read about the previous awards in the Oldham Chronicle and it looked like it was the event of the year in the business calendar and you had to be there.

So this was the year I knew I was would be attending. Ironically it fell on the same day as my 1 year business anniversary so another fab excuse to celebrate. Also I was given the most pleasant surprise by my biz buddies, a large bottle of champagne. I felt very overwhelmed and had to try my hardest to hold back my tears because I would of refused to have my picture taken with mascara running down my cheek. Luckily enough the picture turned out good (will let you be the judge of that).

It was a fabulous night attended by 500 business leaders, entrepreneurs, politicians and media representatives. So it was a fantastic opportunity to network with all types of businesses from different sectors.

Another reason for attending the event I wanted to show my biz members that anything is possible regardless of what size or industry their business is from they could enter the awards. I think I succeeded in encouraging them to be inspired that nothing is out of their reach. You just have to believe.

If you have entered or been nominated for a business award please share your positive experience?