The most powerful marketing tool

Personal recommendations or ‘Word Of Mouth’ is one if not the most powerful marketing tools around. There is nothing that sells a business more than someone personally recommending your product or service. So if this is the case why do so many businesses still don’t seem to up their game when it comes to this type of marketing. I observe a lot of this in my group members not shouting enough about each others services or products. Is there a fear? Or do we feel we don’t have to shout about it because someone else will which is not always the case. Also some people in business seem to struggle to ask for recommendations from there happy customers the key word being ‘HAPPY’
this is the time to ask them. When they are pleased with your service or product I would be highly surprised if they refused. Sometimes people do struggle with what to say and this can be a little issue. So just give them a gentle encouragement. I always say ‘just write what you would tell a friend or family member what you have experienced after using my service or product.’

In business you should always be thinking long term and the positive effect recommendations can have on your business. ‘Word of mouth’ is such a valuable tool in business that I want to shout about it and that it should be part of our daily habits as it can be so beneficial to a business success. The key thing to remember here is if you don’t let consumers know that your brand exist then how can you expect them to buy from you?

One of the questions I tend to get asked from members in my group is I don’t really seem to get any business from the group?

So I ask these following questions:

1. Do they know you exist? The answer is usually no as they are sat on the sideline and not engaging in conversation with other members or potential customers.

2. Are you building relationships within the group, do people have a rough idea of who you are behind your brand?

3. How can you be recommended if you do none of the above?

There is a pattern emerging here, making your potential customers aware your business exist is so crucial to the success of your business. Engage, start the conversation with your potential customers and continue to build the relationships as there is no quick fix it will take time and effort.. Then they will get to know you when the time comes they may need your service. Or a friend or family might require your service or product. Who will they come to? The person and business they have got to know or your competitor who sits on the sidelines? When you break business down it is ‘simply the art of conversation’ both online and offline.

So start the conversation today and get out there and get your business known.