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Hi i’m Sandie Wiggins and welcome to Essens Lifestyle UK ” House of Essens “

I became a registered distributer with Essens in October 2018 after looking for a way to bring i some extra income to pay for extra treats and holidays with my family.

At this time i worked for a high street bank and had done for over 28 years both full time and part time after having my family, not long after starting my Essens journey i was made redundant along with my whole team. This was of course a very upsetting time but also gave me an opportunity to do something different and this is when my Essens journey really took off.

Essens is one of the fastest-growing direct selling companies in the UK.  Originally established in the Czech Republic in 2011, we recently opened our UK office in Warrington in the North West of England.
We gained our reputation in the market by producing top quality fragrances which have been inspired by top designer brands.
We offer both a work from home opportunity and the chance to buy our products at heavily discounted prices.

All Essens perfumes are 20% essential oil and are produced without the harsh chemicals that other manufacturers use to speed up the curing process. All Essens products have been designed to give top quality at a fraction of the cost you would expect to pay on the high street. 

We do not use celebrity endorsements nor TV advertising and our products are presented in functional packaging that is attractive but cost-efficient to produce. The cost savings are reflected in our pricing.  

We also have Skincare, Makeup, Aloe Vera, Health Supplements, Cleaning products, Dental care, Home fragrances, Suncare and access to travel.

Would you like to buy Essen’s products with big discounts? 

Essens is free to join.
Essens membership is flexible. You can use your membership simply to get discounted products for yourself and your family. Or you can use it to earn extra money or to build a career running your own business and team.

Our shop is housed on the main Essens UK website. When you click shop you will be redirected to our eshop. You will be required to enter your country of residence and your email address.
N.B. You will not find any of Essens products likened to any other brand on the official Essens website or in the catalogues. If you would like to know which fragrances smell similar to which big brand please request to download the perfume list from my website or message me.

Fantastic Work from Home Opportunity
Essens is one of the fastest-growing direct selling companies in the UK. Work from home and earn between 20% to 33.5% on your sales with the potential to earn up to 49% after your first month. 

Minimal Outlay
No joining fee but to sell our products you will need a kit which includes 60 different tester vials in a leather-bound folder, so prospective customers can smell how great the perfumes are.  The basic kit is £26 and shipping is £6.  

Sell 5 bottles and you’ll have made your money back, plus you will have locked in minimum earnings of 33.5% in your second month.  Earn on every sale you make. No regular orders required. You must place an order in your first month and place one order in every 12 month period to keep your account active but beyond that, you can sell as much or as little as you like. 

Let us be your sponsor
Simply fill in the joining form online
Click on  which will take you to the registration form.
You will need a sponsor number which is: 1010029537
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