R C Solutions Pitch Care

Gardener, Landscaper, Corporate Maintenance, Sports maintenance

Whether it’s a yard or a sports pitch, private property we handle all types of maintenance

re-grinding service
regrind of all types of mowers ready from pedestrian to ride-on, rotary & cylinder already for the new session

machine servicing
a full service of your mower both rider on and pedestrian machines oil change, new filters, grease round and any broken or faulty parts replaced at cost and set back up ready to go

sports pitch marking
We mark up sports pitches with wheel to wheel markers and spray markers Football pitches Cricket pitches Rugby league pitches…

Grass cutting
Cutting of grass large and small areas

New surface preparation
Getting ground ready for new turf of seed

Pest, weed,& disease control
The application of chemical to help with the issues

End of season renovation
Thach removal, seeding, top dressing & fertiliser application & over winter care

These are the services that we offer but is not extensive