Utility Warehouse Authorised Partner

I have been a UW Partner since 2010. Believe me, I don’t get excited about kilowatt-hours or megabongles, but I am absolutely passionate about both sides of our business :- helping people save time, money and hassle on their BOBs (Boring Old Bills) and putting more fun money back in their pockets,┬áso they can stop thinking about bills, passwords and price comparisons, and get on with the important things in life.

  • coaching and mentoring people to start and grow a significant extra income stream from a part-time home-based business, as part of a vibrant team
  • All your home services in one - Energy, broadband, mobile and home insurance on a single bill
  • Cashback on all your household spending - Discounts your bill further each month
  • One of the UK's greenest energy suppliers - UW supply green energy, fit free LED lightbulbs, and plant trees
  • A smarter way to earn - In your own time, on your own terms
  • Website uw.partners/paula.worthington