RecruitME Today

I’m Paula Costello, owner of RecruitME Today, a no-nonsense recruitment company that finds good staff for businesses large and small.

I was looking to join a supportive community of like-minded people where knowledge is shared, where I can make connections, build my business and learn something new.

I really like the no pressure and friendly feel of the group.

Every company I work with has an area of their recruitment process that isn’t working.

The consequences of a vacancy remaining unfilled can be many; inability to grow, employee stress, low productivity, increased staff turnover, increased overtime costs, mistakes, accidents, poor customer services and more.

I have the time, the knowledge & skills, the resources and the energy to help you surround yourself with the right people and keep your business moving in the right direction.

I don’t just source CV’s or make quick 5-minute calls to candidates and I never assume
I know what you need!

To achieve the best possible outcome, preparation is everything.

In recruitment, the best possible outcome is your ideal candidate.

You must combine your knowledge and skills with a lot of work hours at the beginning of the process.

I believe this is what sets me apart from other recruiters.

I qualify candidates and speak with them at length about their skills, experience and work history.

I find out what’s important for them in their next role.

I get to know them.

I market you, your company, the team and your vacancy to candidates.

I research and spend time asking questions, listening and learning.

I get to know you.

I provide candidates with a full job description, leaving nothing out so they can qualify your vacancy.

All the while, I confirm and reconfirm their interest and motivation for your vacancy to ensure they not only meet your requirements, but they’re also eager to join you.

I treat Candidates with respect and I protect your brand.

I’m always available when candidates need me and keep them regularly informed day or night.