Bring Me Sunshine

Hi I am Kelly Tracey, a professional performer and I came up with an idea to bring some happiness where I can. After seeing a close family member suffer and noticing how music made a profound connection, I embarked on a quest to set up an organisation to bring sunshine to peoples lives.

Bring Me Sunshine was set up to provide entertainment and music therapy for people with Dementia, Alzheimers and Parkisnons, living in care homes.

These conditions do not just steal our memories, they create confusion, sometimes hearing and sight impairment, combined with anxiety. Our performances and shows are fun and offer a great sensory experience and we strive to include everyone.

Music truly is a magical gift. With each performance we see amazing transformations. Loved ones who now spend their days quiet and withdrawn due to these conditions, suddenly come alive and reminisce through the power of music. The joy this creates between families is amazing.

We have grown to be so much more than a service. Our performances now enable families to come together in a safe environment to create wonderful new memories with loved ones who now find it very difficult in social situations.

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  • Using music to bring back memories
  • Bringing music and entertainment into care homes
  • supporting people with dementia
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