Olive Tree Café

I am 21 years old and in my last year of studying psychology at the University of Manchester. I have always wanted my own business, so when my dad offered the café to me, I jumped at it! I have always worked in customer service and love interacting with people. I also love being busy (luckily) and growing my business to make it the best it can and find opportunities wherever I can. I am currently growing the baking side of the café (olivetree_bakes) with big things in mind!

We do breakfast, dinner, cakes, coffee, and tea at the minute. This will slowly expand to things such as meal preps, evening meals, etc. We offer catering and occasion cakes and we also provide wholesale cakes.

Olive Tree Café offers the best quality coffee that is ethically sourced and taste like no other around. We also pride ourselves on supporting other local businesses and getting all of our fresh produce locally. Not only does this help other small businesses, but also helps the quality of our food stay top notch. Knowing where your fruit, veg, meat, eggs, milk, etc. all comes from, there is a peace-of-mind there knowing that our customers are not getting rubbish food that isn’t great for them. They are getting proper, top-quality food.

What Our Customers Say
  • Amazing Coffee
  • Ethically Sourced Food
  • Tasty Cakes
  • Polite, attentive staff