The Waxxy Warehouse Ltd.

Hi, my name is Demilee, I am CEO of my small business The Waxxy Warehouse. We are home fragrance specialists.

I chose this as an opportunity during lock down 2020 and its grown rapidly from a side gig to my main gig.

We offer :-
wax melts, candle range, burners, soap sponges, bath bombs, soap loafs, carpet freshener, scrub and shower whips.

These are all highly scented using the best quality fragrance on the market.

I believe we stand out as our branding is very distinctive, scandi-type.

Our colours are very basic black and white but love texture and pattern.

Our candles are named after our children with a back ground of their personality to each scent.

We raise money for MIND charity, with our relaxxy waxxy boxes.

We offer a HUGE scent range! locally I’d say one of the biggest ranges.