Fortitude Taekwondo - Oldham

I got involved in Taekwondo almost 15 years ago because my kids needed an activity which would boost their confidence following a house move, change of schools and a touch of bullying. I saw first hand how their confidence grew as a result of Taekwondo. I now teach so that others can enjoy the same benefits – It’s so rewarding to see people of all ages, grow in confidence.

I’m a 4th Dan/Degree Black Belt and I teach Taekwondo – in so doing I give self confidence to students. I offer group classes for beginners through to black belts and for all ages. Students benefit from increased fitness, flexibility, self control and self confidence, oh and they have fun too!

I help bring out the best in people. I have students still making progress at the age of 73; I have a special needs step son who is more than half way to black belt – this is the only subject he’s made progress in, following the main stream syllabus; I get a kick out of seeing my students progress.

Kin Spirit

Many of our most memorable moments involve shared experiences with kin spirits and from time to time involve a little alcohol. The combination of a number of very enjoyable visits to craft distilleries and long rambling chats with friends & family, led us to the conclusion that we’d like to spend more of our time involved in the fun things in life. So we did our research (well someone had to) and launched ourselves into the world of distilling.

At our core, we’re a craft distiller. We produce spirits to bespoke recipes on behalf of the hospitality sector, groups, organisations and corporates.
We’ve innovated through the Covid pandemic and created a brand new spirit drink – the Calentillo – it’s a warming drink and a great alternative to a mulled wine, Vin Chaud, or an after dinner liqueur.
As well as producing gins, vodkas and Calentillo we also host cocktail making events – face to face when permitted and virtual varieties – our latest foray is into ACE experiences – Alternative Christmas Events.

If you’re looking for a bespoke experience – whether that be your own bespoke recipe and labeled spirit for your bar, restaurant or hotel – or you’d like to hold a cocktail making experience in your bar, or as a fundraiser or reward for your staff. We can help!

  • Signature spirits – created to bespoke recipes just for you
  • Cocktail making experiences with bespoke recipe spirits
  • Calentillo spirit drink – a warming spirit drink to be shared with friends
Fortitude Taekwondo - Oldham
Kin Spirit
  • Martial Arts - classes for all the family
  • Age and Stage classes so you can progress with a suitable peer group
  • Building fitness and flexibility - you’ll amaze yourself with the progress you can make.
  • Taekwondo experience and expertise - Coaching and developing others is my passion