Wild & Form Digital Ltd is a social media marketing company based in Oldham Female Founder & Director, Rubbi Bhogal-Wood brings her 20 years ad industry experience to her clients and social media community.

As a DBFY partner Rubbi exclusively provides DBFY members with access to webinars at a discounted rate.
I believe that YOU are in control of social media, not the other way round. It’s a mantra I share with all of my clients – young and not so young.

Since starting my business back in 2017, my purpose is to empower you with the skills, knowledge AND confidence to strengthen your company, your school, or your child, using social media smartly and on your terms. I do this in a number of ways:
Individual Coaching provides a deeper and personalised, long term development of brand, content, data analysis and planning. Together we’ll develop simple but effective strategies that can grow your organisation. Individual coaching is available on a 1:1 or on a single company team basis.
My ‘Get Social Media Savvy’ webinars provide practical and jargon – free advice on all major social media channels to help you better engage customers by showing up for your small business.
Young People & Social Media sessions.
Opening up a positive discussion about social media between teachers, parents and children is vital. Social media can so often be a powerful tool for all the wrong reasons and I’m on a mission to change that