Improving your relationship with your BIZ keeps you both growing

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 As with any relationship, we are head over heals for running our businesses, but soon the honeymoon period runs out, that spark, that warm glow can become a thorn in your side.

 On your journey there will be quarrels, differences in opinion, and even that occasional day when it all feels like its falling apart.

 Here comes the reality check… Regardless of your differences, most find themselves in too deep and are still too committed to call it quits just yet.

Deciding to try new things can be a challenge, mix it up, explore new marketing opportunities, connections, or do something unconventional that will get you and your business noticed.

Trying something new can reignite your sense of adventure and open your mind to a range of possibilities you never knew existed.  Doing this alongside your business can reveal new opportunities for sales and partnerships which could be the boost you need.

Listen and Learn.  People change over time, we grow, adapt, learn new routines that suite our lifestyles.  Your business needs to evolve in the same way, your market is constantly evolving, new technology is constantly being introduced and with it new opportunities.  Listen to what your business is trying to tell you.  Compare yourself and your business to others for ideas, work together and independently be sure to work out what’s best for you as a pair, don’t just blindly follow suite.

Make Some Business Friends, we know as a person socializing is fantastic development to spend time and socialize with people from different backgrounds and cultures.   It gives us a better understanding of the differences between ourselves and others.  Networking to build some business relationships can help your company to develop in the same way and reveal opportunities that might be just on your doorstep. There’s also the added benefit of having the same friends as your business which means when it comes to having a catch up, you are both prepared, relaxed and happy when socializing.

See your business as an extension of yourself and pursue what both you AND your business seem to enjoy.

What is your best tip for others to keep you and your Biz growing?logo

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