Face to Face Networking

Why Face to Face Networking Should be Part of Your Marketing Mix?
Are you taking advantage of networking opportunities?

With the growing popularity of social media it’s quite easy to get into the habit of just sitting behind your computer screen and communicating with people. Why leave the house when you don’t have to right? But are you making a big mistake and missing out on further opportunities to grow your business?

Let me share with you my 5 tips why I believe that face to face networking is still beneficial to the growth of your business.

  1. PERSONALITY. Meeting potential clients in person enables you to get a real feel for their personality and which is something technology can’t do. You will be able to pick up on body language, facial expressions and the tone of their voice. Helping you to make the decision whether you can further build the relationship resulting in business opportunities.
  2. ENVIRONMENT. We all know that working as a sole trader can be quite isolating at times. So whether you are freelancer or work from home, getting out and meeting with like-minded people not only will it help your mental wellbeing (it’s always good to talk). You will also be inspired and uplifted.
  3. CONNECTIONS. You never know who you could meet or be introduced to someone who is influential. Still a lot of the big players are not regularly on-line so you could be missing out on some important connections. I have a really good relationship with a local corporate business leader but he does not use Social Media on a regular basis. We communicate via email and that thing called the telephone. Believe it or not I met this person at an event. We now work in partnership on various local business events.
  4. LEARNING. I always say we should never stop learning as they say knowledge is power. Networking in person enables you to find out about the latest news, or upcoming events. Just by having a conversation with someone you can pick up business tips.
  5. COLLABORATIONS. Business is all about creating a win win situation and how both parties can benefit. Having a 1-1 deep conversation with another like-minded business person and realising that you can work together on a project is such a fantastic opportunity and can open up so many doors.

So I hope my 5 tips have given you food for thought and if you have not managed to get out from behind your computer and experience the wonderful world of face to face networking then give it a try.

If networking is included in your marketing strategy please share with me your positive experiences?