Doing Biz for Yourself in Association with Quest for Success Ltd

Doing Biz for Yourself in Association with Quest for Success Ltd

Personal Development Workshops – Creating Business Success from the Inside Out

Creating a Positive Mindset

How many times have you been told to ‘Think Positively’? How many times have you said this to someone else? What does it really mean and how do you practically go about Creating a Positive Mindset, both personally and professionally?

The truth is that it’s very easy to have a positive mindset when things are going well. What about when business and life feel challenging, what then? It’s about coping, resilience and motivation.

The Creating a Positive Mindset Workshop will assist you to:

  • Understand how life’s changes follow a pattern.
  • Learn how to become empowered within your business.
  • Understand how you process the world around you and create your emotional content.
  • Learn how your language affects your behaviour.
  • Create personal beliefs that empower rather than limit you in your business.
  • Recover quickly when things become challenging.
  • Discover the 5 Principles of Success in Business.

Successful Selling

Your business is your pride and joy and you love what you do. You are fully invested in your product or service, now your job is to have your customers invest in you! The reality is that as a small business owner, you will spend about 80% of your working time selling your services, concepts, ideas and products, so you need to be good at sales and find a way to enjoy selling.

Great sales people are created not born, this is something you can learn to do really well, you just need to understand the psychology of how someone decides to buy something.

The Successful Selling Workshop will develop your sales skills by:

  • Having you think very differently about the concept of selling.
  • Teaching you about the Buying Psychology.
  • Presenting the language of the buying strategy and how to utilise it.
  • Teaching you The Five Step Sales Process.
  • Challenging your personal beliefs about sales.
  • Having you create your sales pipeline and funnel.

The Language of Marketing

How do you structure your language when marketing to the masses? After all, every individual is different and will process your message differently, so how do you engage everyone with the same message?

Your first contact with every customer is critical to the development of a long-lasting relationship with repeat custom. Your job is to engage them quickly with your service or product and have them get so curious that they want to hear and see more and to fully understand what you have to offer. The language you use is key to your success.

By attending the Language of Marketing Workshop you will discover how to:

  • Be pitch perfect and generate curiosity.
  • Uncover the secret of great straplines and how they work.
  • Know when to use the big picture and when to focus on detail.
  • How to structure your website or marketing copy so that it engages everyone.

The Money Mindset

What makes a small business successful? At the most basic level, the answer is simple, it’s profit. A business is judged by the amount of profit it makes, no money, no business. Everyone who is passionate about their business cares deeply about their customers and the provision of an excellent service which meets and indeed exceeds customer expectations. The problem arises when the highly invested business owner feels bad about asking for money in exchange for their product or service.

If you are a small business owner who struggles with setting high value pricing structures and securing payment from every customer, then this workshop will assist you to think differently about the whole concept of money and how you can attract it rather than repelling it. Yes, that’s right, you could actually be repelling money from your business and your life and not even know you are doing it!

At the Money Mindset Workshop we will:

  • Discover your beliefs about money and change those that limit you.
  • Reframe the concept of money.
  • Uncover your carrot or stick thinking.
  • Learn about the language of lack.
  • Talk about your pricing structure.
  • Connect you to the universal energy of money.
  • Create a prosperous mindset.

Goal Setting That Works

Are you getting your goals? Do you have goals for your business and are they clear and written down or are you drifting through business life with no defined direction? When you look forward to the next 12 months of business, are you really clear about what you want to achieve?

The importance of setting business goals is often overlooked or executed poorly and without structure. How are you measuring your success if not through the achievement of goals? As a small business owner, it’s really important that you understand how to create well-formed goals, how to visualise your concept of success and how to make those goals happen.

Learn how to set goals that work:

  • Understand what you want to achieve in your business.
  • Questions that help you to clarify your goals.
  • How to write well-formed goals.
  • The conscious goal setter and the unconscious goal getter.
  • Association into your future goals.
  • The goal getting mindset and taking action.

Powerful Presenting

Did you know that public speaking is one of the most widely experienced phobias in the world? As a small business owner, you will be required to speak to groups of people as part of your business journey. Perhaps you would like to promote your business at networking groups, exhibitions or conferences, or perhaps you would like to pitch your services or products within a corporate environment? Scaling your business means talking to people, lots of people, so it’s important for you to feel comfortable with speaking in front of people, whether that means 2 people or 2000 people.

At the Powerful presenting Workshop we will focus on the basics of becoming a powerful and charismatic presenter:

  • Controlling stage fright, nerves and anxiety.
  • The physiology of confident speaking.
  • The speaking state.
  • How to structure your content.
  • The Charisma Pattern.
  • Projecting your energy.
  • Using your voice.
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