Building friendships and relationships why not

Someone once said to me “people in business are not your friends.” I took this with a pinch of salt at the time because at this point I had already made a few friendships within the business group. However later on down the line that statement came back to haunt me and made me question if this person who told me this was right?? Unfortunately I had experienced being let down by a few people who I considered were my friends in the business world. So from here on for a short while it did make me think maybe I shouldn’t develop friendships within the business community. As you can imagine it was quite a lonely, isolated feeling and also it wasn’t my character as I am a natural friendly person. So choosing to move forward this way was making me unhappy.

It was only when I had a conversation with a business colleague at a network event they made me look at things in a different light. He said “but isn’t building relationships is what business is about?” which made me realise how true and he kindly pointed out to myself how I have built a business network group based on developing relationships. You see sometimes in business when you have that much going on in your head from admin, to sales to marketing etc. It’s hard to see the simplest of things and that brought me back to recognizing we do need to have relationships with like minded people. In the words of Nigel Botterill “Who you hang around with matters a lot”. So I realised it is about choosing wisely and being around the same people who share your vision for success and can be supportive at the same time.

So as not to miss out I continue building friendships and relationships within the networking world as it’s the basis to growing your business. I am sure you will often here the expression “People buy people” and to be honest I quote this a lot to people in my network group. Which bring us back to business, potential customers will buy from people they know, trust and like. So yes it is important to build relationships with the right people but this takes time and effort. So if a relationship breaks down for whatever reason don’t let a few bad experiences prevent you from building new friendships and relationships. As there are always people you will click with more than others. xx