Advertising V’s Marketing – Whats the difference?

Recent conversations have made me realise people often confuse the terms or combine as one activity.

Advertising is one element of a marketing strategy.  All essentially have the same goal, helping customers to make a choice.  Think of marketing as the heading, which includes several sub sections:


  • Public relations
  • Media planning
  • Product pricing
  • Distribution
  • Sales strategy
  • Customer support
  • Market research
  • Community involvement





All are important elements of any business marketing but rather than doing all elements irregularly, I always suggest that you chose a few to do well and once mastered and part of your routine then add another section.

For example if you want to master social media rather than posting once a week/month on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, concentrate on regular engaging posts.

All of these elements must not only work independently but they also must work together towards the bigger goal.

Marketing will get your business into a position where it is known by your ideal target audience and most importantly where you can start making money from your marketing efforts and investment.

When making your marketing plan, make sure you;

  • Develop a budget for your marketing plan. Remember Marketing is an investment.
  • Revisit your marketing plan at least once every quarter. Are you on target? Do you need to make changes?

Even though your marketing plan will help you visualize a clear path to success, circumstances can change. So don’t be afraid to review, review, and review!

Use these questions to help you troubleshoot and plan the successes:

  • Do you have the same leads and business opportunities as when you launched your products or services?
  • How has your market changed?
  • Are any of your marketing activities working well? Can you trace and new clients or sales to them?
  • Do you need to change your tactics? And what is the best time frame to take action — Now? Next quarter? The following year?

Which areas of your marketing plan do you feel are currently working for you at the moment?