12 ways to expand your brand that won’t blow your budget

Effective branding is important to carve out a strong identity for your event and to showcase your key sponsors and partners. The possibilities are endless but many ideas can come with a hefty price tag.

Here are 12 low cost ideas that won’t blow your event budget, but can still make a great impact.

1. Popup Branding – simply printing logos onto a PVC banner material, they can be attached with tack, tape or Velcro and is so light you don’t need to worry about it dropping off.

2. Social Media Prop – such as a custom Instagram frame, is a great way to encourage your customers to take more photos, whilst ensuring that your logo and event details are shared to their networks when they share to social media.

If a member of your team is happy to take pictures these can be shared on your Facebook page to encourage people to like your page and tag themselves in the photo.

3. Cake – Cake, cupcakes, cookies; today you can brand up just about anything edible. Sweet treats are often a popular novelty for taking pictures but with the added bonus that attendees can eat them too!

4. Paper Bags – Purchasing branded paper bags for extra visibility.  They can be used for grab bag lunches, purchases, these are a cheap why to show off your brand.

5.  Business Cards – Use the back of your business card for your brand message. Offer something of value that brings people directly to your website.

6. Run a monthly contest through your Facebook business page.

7. Use your signature colour whenever/wherever possible – tissue paper, note cards, labels, pens, gift boxes etc. 

8. Monthly newsletter or weekly tip  – send out to all of your past and current clients.

9. Write articles – on your area of expertise and post them to article submission sites online (your author bio for these sites will start showing up on the first page of Google search before your know it!).

10. Reward referrals – I am a big fan of sending gift cards with a thank you note – speak to your contacts and negotiate a system.

11. Ask your clients for testimonials – these can be used on your website, in marketing materials and on sales pages.

12. Create a testimonials document that consists of 10-20 of your best testimonials, and give to all potential clients and anyone who inquires about your services.

What other tips would you recommend? Please add them in the comments below